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This automatic and manuel shawarma doner mechanism


Product dimensions and Properties in the photo

Dimendison : 95x65x65cm

Mechanism : Automatic

Material: Black metal

Fuel : Charcoal or wood fire



Why horizontal shawarma ?

A different concept always attracts customers

You can attract more customers people to your restaurant with constantly renewed food, kebab kinds in the developing world. we are at your side with different systems and different styles always


-60 - 70 kg meat cooking capacity

-Wood fire

- Stainless steel tray and skewers

-Automatic 380 volt 50 Hz or 20 volt 60 Hz

-Firebrick used

-Fireproof rockwool has been used in all interlayer


1 piece body 95*70*50cm

1 piece brick barbecue 90*30*60cm

2 pieces of stainless steel skewer kit

1 piece perforated tray of stainless steel

1 piece doner knife 1 piecemeat döner apparatus

1 piece tray apparatus

1 automatic mechanism section Dimensions: 130x55xh:60 120 kg

Automatic Horizontal Doner Gyros Shawarma Mechanism

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